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Working condition type Equipment requirements Product number Performance characteristics Oil cleanliness grade
Vane pump
Gear pump
Small hydraulic system/economical Anti-wear hydraulic oil AW46/68 Suitable for small and medium hydraulic systems such as jacks and forklifts, as well as hydraulic systems used in very high frequency, economical and affordable. Conventional (NAS-8)
Medium-sized conventional hydraulic system Anti-wear hydraulic oil AWS32/46/68 *Provide a cost-effective solution for medium load working conditions                     *Suitable for general use of medium temperature, general filtration requirements and non-critical or normal operating equipment Conventional (NAS-8)
Vane pump
Gear pump
Plunger pump
Medium and large high-pressure and high-precision hydraulic system High pressure anti-wear hydraulic oil HM32/46/68 *Excellent quality, economical and durable, abrasion resistance up to FZG11 level.                                                                           * Combining the anti-wear performance of gear oil, the long life of circulating oil, and the stability of hydraulic oil, it quickly eliminates the slow movement of the hydraulic system caused by air entering, ensuring accurate system positioning and strong power. It has good anti-emulsification and anti-rust properties, avoiding oil emulsification and corrosion cause by moisture.                                                                *Widely used for the lubrication of high-pressure hydraulic systems in industries, mobile machinery and equipment, and suitable for long-term use of various plastic injection molding machines, mold presses, and hydraulic punching machines. Conventional (NAS-8)
Large and super large hydraulic system Super anti-wear hydraulic oil S32/46/68/150 *Long-life mineral oil hydraulic oil specially developed for heavy-duty, high-precision hydraulic systems. *Selected tertiary hydrocracking base oil, almost no sludge is produced, and has a service life that is twice as long as that of conventional hydraulic oils using Class I and Class II base oils, which greatly saves maintenance costs. *Contains special effects extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to ensure that the vane pump and plunger pump maintain the same precision under extremely heavy loads. *Excellent anti-foaming and air release properties to ensure accurate power transmission and reduce micro-vibration. *Widely used in super large injection molding machines with clamping force above 1,000 tons, floor tile press forming machines, large hydraulic presses for body molding, high-pressure concrete pump truck grade heavy-duty hydraulic systems with long conveying distances, and CNC compound processing The hydraulic system of precision machine tools such as centers. High cleanliness(NAS-6)
High-pressure hydraulic system with silver-plated parts High-power hydraulic system High pressure ashless anti-wear hydraulic oil WF32/46/68 *Using a new ash-free anti-wear formula, no zinc, can prevent oxidation and discoloration of silver-plated hydraulic parts. Excellent cleanliness, water separation, exhaust and anti-foaming properties, etc., all help to maintain or improve the efficiency of the hydraulic system. *Suitable for heavy load, megathermal, high pressure steel-copper friction pair of vane pumps and plunger pumps. High cleanliness(NAS-6)
Conventional outdoor working conditions where water is easy to enter Anti-rust and anti-wear hydraulic oil for construction machinery HK46/68 *Excellent filterability and excellent water separation, air release and anti-foaming properties all help to maintain or improve the efficiency of the hydraulic system. *It is recommended to make appointments for mobile or fixed hydraulic transmission and control systems with polarized temperature ranges for convection operations, such as hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, cement high-pressure pumps and other construction machinery. Conventional (NAS-8)
Outdoor environment with large temperature difference between day and night and megathermal Anti-rust and anti-wear hydraulic oil for construction machinery HKS46/68 *Extend the service life of hydraulic oil and save maintenance costs. It can provide excellent viscosity control within extremely high mechanical profitability and wide temperature changes. In addition, the product can provide contact protection and excellent performance in most mobile devices with large fluctuations in ambient temperature or operating temperature. Conventional (NAS-8)
Water-glycol type Medium and small hydraulic system with flame resistance requirements Water-glycol fire-resistant hydraulic oil HFC46 *It does not burn in case of fire and meets the anti-flammability requirements of the American Factory Mutual. It is especially suitable for use in industrial hydraulic systems close to megathermal and flames that may cause fire hazards, instead of mineral-based lubricating oil. *Good gas and liquid phase rust resistance, the inner wall of the fuel tank used does not need to be treated with stainless steel or paint, and it can be applied to various metal workpieces, seals, and hose materials. *Medium and low-load hydraulic systems for coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, hot rolling, high-speed wire hot rolling, thin plate and bar, centrifugal cast pipe and other steel equipment, as well as glass forming machines, die casting machines, cement calciners, offshore drilling and control platforms And other hydraulic devices. Conventional (NAS-8)
Synthetic ester type Medium and large hydraulic system with flame resistance requirements Synthetic flame-resistant environmental protection hydraulic oil HDR32/46 * A new type of anti-combustion hydraulic oil with long service life and biodegradability. It is a green lubricating oil that meets environmental protection requirements. It is formed by the reaction of unique synthetic ester components and has superior lubricating performance. *Widely used in continuous casting, electric furnace, coking, hot rolling line, demoulding, glass forming machine, thermal power plant and other megathermal environment with servo proportional hydraulic system, as well as field operation machinery and equipment requiring biodegradability of oil and requiring ultra-long replacement Military equipment for oil cycle. High cleanliness(NAS-6)
Long-term use under megathermal requires no oxidation, or replacement is very troublesome, and long oil life is required Synthetic high pressure anti-wear hydraulic oil SHC32/46 *Using patented technology, carefully compounded by PAO and ester synthetic base oil, the viscosity change is small at high and hypothermia, easy to start at hypothermia, and keeping sufficient power at megathermal; It provides comprehensive protection for high pressure, megathermal and high precision hydraulic system. *It is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate in megathermal or severe cold environment, and has an extremely long service life of 5-10 years, which saves oil change costs. *Suitable for hydraulic systems of wind turbines, radar stations, nuclear power plants, and dam ship locks that are very troublesome to change oil and require long oil change intervals; Also suitalbe for hydraulic systems used under severe outdoor conditions for a long time, such as high-speed trains and track control systems. High cleanliness(NAS-6)
contains silver-plated hydraulic components Heavy-duty hydraulic system Low-setting ash-free anti-wear hydraulic oil HV32/46/68 *New ash-free anti-wear formula, no zinc,  oxidation preventing and discoloration of silver-plated hydraulic parts. *Hydraulic oil with ultra-high viscosity and excellent resistance at high and hypothermia. The pour point is below -40℃. It is easy to start in hypothermia environment, and the viscosity is not easy to decrease at megathermal and maintains stable power. It is especially fluid and suitable for  machinery that operates in high or ultra-hypothermia environments. *Recommended for high-temperature hydraulic systems such as aluminum alloy die-casting machines, glass processing machinery, military facilities such as missile silos, submarine hydraulic doors, etc., and engineering machinery that needs to be constructed in the equatorial megathermal or severe winter environment. High cleanliness(NAS-6)
Medium and light load hydraulic system hypothermia anti-wear hydraulic oil HB32/46/68 *Suitable for long-term outdoor, hypothermia resistance, high-precision control requirements of small and medium hydraulic systems, widely used in automatic door closers (also known as door springs, including door top door closers, door low springs and floor springs) hydraulic pressure system. Conventional (NAS-8)
Aviation and airport equipment Aviation cryogenic anti-wear hydraulic oil PL10/15 *Excellent anti-wear performance, pour point below -45°C, excellent hypothermia fluidity, and stable and reliable power output in severe cold environments. *It is recommended to use hydraulic systems that require extremely high reliability such as aircraft landing gears and boarding bridges, and are successfully used in many airport facilities in severe cold areas. High cleanliness(NAS-6)
Low and medium load hydraulic system with low frequency of use hypothermia anti-wear hydraulic oil HML32/46/68 *Mainly suitable for hydraulic systems that may operate in low temperature environments such as automobile tail plates, forklifts, truck cranes, ports, etc., and meet the requirements for use in -25°C hypothermia environments. It has good annealing and detergency performance, and can be fully developed under megathermal. Dripping in the rolling oil will not affect the subsequent annealing process and the quality of the metal panel. It is suitable for aluminum foil, aluminum plate, copper foil, copper plate and other non-ferrous metal rolling The hydraulic system of the device. Conventional (NAS-8)
Aluminum foil rolling mill No residue after annealing Non-staining anti-wear hydraulic oil SW32/46 *It has a good annealing and cleaning function, which can be completely volatilized at high temperatures. It does not affect the subsequent annealing process or the quality of the metal plate when dropped in the rolling oil. It is suitable for aluminum foil/aluminum plate, copper foil/copper plate and other non-ferrous metal rolling Hydraulic system for manufacturing equipment. High cleanliness(NAS-6)
Emulsified Emulsified oil for hydraulic supports HFAE15-5(W) * It not only provides comprehensive protection for hydraulic supports such as lubrication, filtration, rust prevention, and corrosion protection, but also meets the harsh requirements of hydraulic support systems at hypothermia such as winter ground tests, well lifting and transportation, and can withstand low temperatures of tens of degrees below zero. Ensure the safe and normal operation of the entire hydraulic support system and prevent equipment damage due to freezing. It is universally used in various hydraulic transmission devices and meets the requirements of the coal industry standard MT76-2002. Conventional (NAS-8)
Concentrate Concentrate for hydraulic support HFAE15-5 * A new generation of plant-based raw materials are synthesized and biodegradable. It is an ideal replacement product for traditional emulsified oils. It avoids the pollution of water resources in mining areas by petroleum-based products. It has good lubricity, automatic cleaning and filtration, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and sealing material will not accelerated aging and other characteristics.And it does not precipitation oil and soap. It is the preferred product of modern coal mining technology and electro-hydraulic control system. Conventional (NAS-8)

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