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Cold heading oil Processing material Wire diameter (mm) Product name 40℃ viscosity CST Anti-rust cycle 45# steel (days) Main features and application areas
C%≤0.60% medium and low carbon steel <30.0 Cold heading oil TSL (economical) 75.0 >30 *Comprehensive cost-effective, good rust resistance, resistance to high pressure, anti-foam, resistance to high-strength impact and heavy load, general-purpose product.
C%>0.60% high carbon steel <40.0 Cold heading oil S945 (multifunctional type) 90.0 >30 *Lubricant specially designed for cold forging processing of steel and iron hardware, such as screws and sleeves. It contains rich vulcanized fat and other extreme pressure additives to form a tough oil film to provide the best protection for components and molds. Effectively control the appearance of distorted wrinkles and cracks. It is a special molding lubricant for high-strength bolts.
13%-18%Cr stainless steel <30.0
13%-19%Cr stainless steel <40.0 Cold heading oil S946 (heavy load type) 120.0 - *Specially designed to resist the high temperature generated by stainless steel/hard alloy during molding, which can slow down the heat generated. Good resistance to high temperature oxidation, can effectively inhibit the appearance of grease and sludge, and greatly extend the service life of the mold. The screw is easy to clean, does not accumulate to form a yellow spot on the thread, and the high-temperature operation quality is stable. It is also suitable for the molding of large and high-strength screws in bridges, wind power and other industries.
Hot forging forming oil Product name Main ingredients Main features and application areas
Hot forging forming oil 940 Mineral oil *Spraying or brushing on the surface of warm forging and hot forging molds for demolding and protecting molds. It has good film-forming properties. It can prevent direct contact between the workpiece and the mold at an instant of high temperature and provide good lubrication. The demoulding effect, the surface effect of the workpiece is better, and it is suitable for all kinds of carbon steel and alloy steel.
Water-based precision forging oil S940A Micron graphite *The ultra-concentrated water-based lubricant refined by micron ultrafine graphite can be used with 2-20 times water. It cools quickly, does not smoke,  catch fire,  burn, and corrode, without harmless gas, eliminates environmental pollution, and improves working conditions. As an indispensable assistant for hot forging and precision forging, the cost is reduced by more than 40% compared with traditional oil-based lubricants. It is recommended for hot forging and precision forging processes of stainless steel, high-speed tool steel, hard alloy, copper alloy and other parts at 400-900°C.
Water-based precision forging oil S940A Polymer *Hot forging lubricant without black graphite, the concentrated liquid is translucent and slightly white, its anti-heavy load performance is more than 30% higher than that of graphite, and it can provide effective lubrication between 300-1200℃. The polymer contained will form a moist lubricating layer after encountering high temperature, which will volatilize clean after processing, so that the mold temperature can be controlled, the workpiece processing accuracy is higher, and it can easily cope with the warm forging, hot forging, and precision forging of any metal.
Water-soluble molding coolant Water-soluble press oil C91 *Suitable for heavy-duty forming of thick steel plates, such as auto parts. The water ratio can be adjusted freely according to the size of the load, and it can also be used as a raw liquid.
Water-based lubricant C94 *Suitable for extremely heavy-duty forming of medium-thickness steel plates, such as auto parts. The water ratio can be adjusted freely according to the load, and it can also be used as a raw liquid.
Water-based multi-effect molding lubricant C95 *It can be used for multi-station continuous stamping, punching and cutting of sheet metal, drawing, bending, expanding and reducing of metal wire and pipe, etc. It is widely used in automobile covering parts, structural parts, mufflers, and electrical housings. For the processing of workpieces such as stainless steel kitchen and bathroom, depending on the difficulty of processing, it can be used in liquid or mixed with water. It can be easily washed or soaked in water to remove it. It is not suitable for materials that are easy to rust or require a long anti-rust cycle between processes.
Aluminum can tensile lubricating coolant C96 *Suitable for high-speed stretch forming of aluminum beverage cans (two-piece cans), diluted 10 times with water, long mold life and easy cleaning.

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