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Room temperature General heavy load conditions Heavy duty industrial gear oil HD100/150/220/320/460/680 Hydrorefined mineral oil *Excellent comprehensive performance, surpassing GB5903-2011 (L-CKD) and German DIN51517-CLP standards. It is suitable for closed gearboxes that work under various heavy loads or impact loads. It can also be used in restricted lubrication circulation systems, as well as splash lubrication or oil mist lubrication systems. It is recommended for use in plastic extruder gearboxes, large gearboxes in the cement mining industry, port heavy lifting equipment gearboxes, and large oil bath gear units in the steel industry.
Megothermal environment and long life Megothermal  resistant synthetic gear oil CY150/220/320/460 PAG synthetic oil *The operating temperature is -40~200°C for long-term use without coking or sediment; compared with mineral oil gear oil, it can improve efficiency, reduce power consumption, reduce wear, extend service life and oil change intervals, thereby reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption. It has excellent lubrication effect in high-speed trains and gearboxes. It is suitable for the lubrication of various medium and low speed, heavy-duty industrial gears and sliding and rolling bearings, as well as bearings and gears under harsh conditions where mineral oil cannot be used.
Megothermal and high humidity environment Water-soluble synthetic gear oil CYS150/220/320/460 PAG synthetic oil *Special synthetic oil, keep the oil transparent and provide excellent protection even when the gearbox enters water, avoid the problems of rust and oil failure from occurring. *With a high viscosity index, the viscosity changes very little at high temperature, and it provides a long service life under the harsh environment of high temperature and high humidity. It is especially suitable for gearboxes in outdoor sewage treatment stations, ship machinery, military facilities, docks and other facilities.
Use in high and low temperature environment, and super long life Super heavy duty synthetic gear oil SHC100/150/220/320/460 PAO synthetic oil *Combined with a variety of synthetic base oils, which have good thermal stability and low-temperature fluidity, meet the lubrication needs of gears under various high and low temperature and harsh working conditions, effectively prevent oil oxidation, prevent excessive viscosity increase, and avoid The sludge is formed, and the service life is 3-5 times that of traditional mineral oil gear oil. It is suitable for high-speed, shock-loaded and high-load industrial gearboxes. It is especially recommended for gearboxes with complicated equipment disassembly and assembly, harsh environment or requiring long oil change intervals.
Medium load Medium load gearbox Medium load gear oil CKC100/150/220/320 Hydrorefined mineral oil *Composed of high-quality base oil and multi-functional additives, it has good load-carrying capacity, excellent thermal oxidation stability and corrosion resistance, ensuring smooth operation of the gear; In line with GB 5903*2011 (L-CKC) technical specifications, suitable for  Low and medium speed enclosed gear transmissions with gear surface contact stress less than 1000MPa (1100N/mm2) are widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, paper, sugar and other industrial industries. They have heavy-duty closed gear transmissions.
Turbine shaft Efficient power output High efficiency worm gear oil HDW100/220/320/460/680 Hydrorefined mineral oil *Dedicated to worm gear transmission, effectively reducing friction, lowering oil temperature, and improving the transmission efficiency of steel-copper matching worm gears with higher sliding speeds. The balanced additive formula has anti-rust and anti-corrosion effects on non-ferrous metals. It is suitable for copper-steel matching heavy-duty worm gear reducer with impact load, such as passenger and freight elevator traction gear machine, etc.
Open gear Fully synthetic oil type Heavy duty open gear oil SEP Fully Synthetic Oil *It is a non-solvent type, non-asphalt type product, does not contain heavy metals and chlorine, and can effectively resist the erosion of stolen goods and dust on gears. It has strong high-temperature adhesion and contains characteristic anti-wear components, which can form a strong and long-lasting physical and chemical protective film on the surface of the gear. Comply with AGMA 251.02 EP technical standard. It is suitable for slow-running or large open gears with automatic spraying devices and static or slow-running steel cables. It is widely used in extra-large rotating equipment, such as ball mills, dryers, and rotary kilns.
Passenger vehicle Manual transmission for light/medium load vehicles Fully synthetic manual transmission gear oil GL-4 75W-90 Fully synthetic base oil *It is formulated with fully synthetic base oil, which can work in rugged mountain roads with frequent gear shifts and ultra-high temperature grades. It has a good protective effect on components and can saves 3%~4 %fuel oil compared with similar products of mineral oil type. Suitable for lubrication of manual gearboxes of various light and medium load vehicles.
Manual transmission gear oil GL-4 80W-90/85W-90 Hydrogenated mineral oil * It can provide comprehensive protection for vehicle gears. It has significant advantages such as good wear resistance, extended service life and improved system efficiency. The superior product performance meets the requirements of multi-passenger OEM specifications and is suitable for lubrication of light and medium load vehicle drive shafts. (Bridge) .
Medium-duty vehicle rear axle gear oil GL-4 85W-140 Hydrogenated mineral oil *Suitable for lubrication of light and medium load vehicle drive shafts. (Bridge) .
Commercial vehicle Heavy truck manual transmission Medium-duty vehicle gear oil GL-5 75W-90/80W-90/85W-90 Hydrogenated mineral oil *Suitable for the lubrication of all kinds of automobile drive shafts (front and rear axles), engineering machinery drive axles and some gearbox gears, especially the lubrication of dubbing hyperbolic gear oil vehicles, which can adapt to high speed/low torque, low speed/high torque Or high speed/shock load applications.
Heavy truck rear axle gearbox Heavy-duty vehicle gear oil GL-5 85W-140 Hydrogenated mineral oil *Excellent extreme pressure wear resistance and thermal oxidation stability, protect heavy trucks from gears during low-speed, heavy-load (climbing), high-speed impact (sudden increase and decrease of accelerator at high speed), high torque and harsh conditions The effective tooth punching, gluing, peeling, effectively prevent the formation of sludge and sediment, and keep the tooth surface clean. It is suitable for the lubrication of the drive shaft (bridge) of heavy-duty vehicles.
automatic transmission. Automatic transmission hydraulic transmission power steering system Automatic transmission oil ATF 220/IIIH Fully synthetic base oil *Suitable for automotive automatic transmissions and hydraulic traditional lubrication that require GM DEXRON-IIH or Ford FORD MERCON or Alison C-4 specifications. It is suitable for automatic transmission systems, power steering systems and other hydraulic systems of construction machinery.
Hydraulic transmission Torque converter hydraulic coupling 6#/8#Hydraulic transmission fluid Hydrogenated mineral oil *Applicable to hydraulic torque converters and hydraulic couplers of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other equipment; *Applicable to automatic transmissions of various light passenger cars and trucks.

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