The quality of the base oil determines the quality of the lubricant


At present, the global lubricant base oil is divided into five grades:

☆ The first category is the solvent-refined mineral oil use the 60s technology, which can only remove 50%-80% of the unsaturated components, the appearance is yellow.
☆ The second category is secondary hydrocracked mineral oil processed by technology in the 1980s. It removes more than 90% of non-ideal ingredients in the oil, and the appearance is close to colorless and transparent.
☆ The third category is tertiary hydroisomerization dewaxed mineral oil using technology of the late 1990s. The non-ideal components in the oil are completely removed, the molecular structure is rearranged, and the appearance is pure as water.
☆ The fourth and fifth categories are poly-a-olefin synthetic oils and ester synthetic oils commonly used in formula racing or aviation.

Sinad lubricants does not use Type I base oils, and all uses Type II, Type III, and Type IV or V synthetic base oils as lubricating oil raw materials.
Sinad lubricants mainly uses the third, fourth and fifth types of base oils, a small part uses the second type of mineral oil. Compared with the lubricants using the first type of base oil, Our products have the advantages of the small viscosity change , better performance in high and low temperature conditions , lower volatility , better demulsification performance.The oil change period is generally more than 2 times longer, and the sludge can reduced by 90%.

Post time: Aug-09-2021