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Classification Product name 40℃ viscosity CST Flash point (℃) Drying speed (25℃)
 Air conditioning aluminum foil special
Quick-drying punching oil C5111 1.2 50 10min
1.1 55 10min
Quick-drying environmentally friendly aluminum fin stamping oil S910A 1.1 55 10min
Quick-drying environmentally friendly air conditioning pipe elbow oil S910V 2.6 96 30min
2.5 98 30min
Special quick-drying punching oil C511S/910S for car radiator 2.5 98 30min
Special for non-ferrous metals
Quick-drying punching oil C511P 0.8 30 No residue
Copper and aluminum quick-drying punching oil C512 1.2 50 Thin layer
 Quick-drying anti-rust type
Special anti-wear punching oil for silicon steel sheet C514 1.9 50 8min
1.8 110
Anti-rust punching oil C56 1.8 110 Thin layer
Low residue type
Anti-rust type quick-drying punching oil C52 1.9 50 10min
1.7 60 25min
Stainless steel quick-drying punching oil C54 1.7 60 25min
 Oil film lubricity
Anti-rust type strong punching oil C58 12 120 Thin layer
General punching oil C95 12 120 Thin layer
Special stamping oil for aluminum foil lunch box S910C 1.5 50 Minimal
Special stamping oil for aluminum foil lunch box S910CT/910CS 2.5 50 Minimal
Main features and application areas
*Suitable for lubrication of bent copper pipes and aluminum foils of air-conditioning radiators when they pass through copper pipes. It is compatible with F410 refrigerant and evaporates completely.
*Suitable for continuous high-speed and ultra-high-speed stamping of thick aluminum fins (about 0.2mm), without any residue on the surface, with rapid cooling and lubrication functions, extending the life of the mold, low odor, no irritation, and clean on-site environment. S910 is odorless, suitable for use in confined workshops.
*Quick volatilization and no residue type, suitable for the lubrication and cooling of high-speed punching and shearing of copper, aluminum and other thin sheets.
*It has a good anti-oxidation function for aluminum and copper, and it can prevent rust for silicon steel sheet and galvanized sheet for 3-5 days. It is suitable for copper and aluminum sheets with a thickness of less than 2mm, and silicon steel sheets with a thickness of less than 0.6mm. Fast stamping of zinc sheet.
*Specially developed for high-speed punching and shearing of silicon steel sheets for motor rotors and stators. The cuts are neat, the volatilization speed is fast, does not affect the stacking and annealing of the discs, and the mold life is long.
*Anti-rust and anti-oxidation function for copper, cold-rolled sheet and galvanized sheet for 1-3 months, eliminating the cost of anti-rust.
*The volatilization speed is moderate, the cooling and lubricating functions are excellent, and there is no residue on the surface after processing, so go to the cleaning process first.
*Moderate volatilization speed, excellent cooling and lubrication functions, no residue on the surface after processing, low odor.
*Excellent anti-rust performance, suitable for high-speed continuous stamping with light stretching.
*Copper, cold-rolled sheet, and galvanized sheet have more than 6 months of anti-rust and anti-oxidation function, stamping and anti-rust can be done at one time to avoid the cost of anti-rust. The oil film is moderate, providing excellent lubricity for the punching and shearing of medium-thickness sheets and plates, while maintaining a good cooling function, with flat cuts and smooth corners.
*Compounded with food-grade raw materials and additives, it is colorless, odorless, safe, non-toxic, volatile and no residue, conforms to the 3H standard of the US NSF organization, and is suitable for stamping and forming of aluminum foil products such as aviation aluminum foil lunch boxes and egg tart boxes of general specifications. .
*S910CT special lubrication performance, load-carrying performance is relatively demanding multi-cavity and wrinkle-free aluminum foil lunch box products molding process, 910CS performance is better, suitable for high-demand food lunch boxes.

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