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Category Product name 40℃ viscosity CST Main features and application areas
Non-ferrous metal special Copper and aluminum pressure plate forming oil C80 96 *From general to medium load stamping and tensile lubrication, it is chlorine-free, non-corrosive, easy to clean, and has been successfully used in computer accessories, aluminum alloy mobile phone casings, etc.
Aluminum stamping oil C81 28 *Suitable for heavy-duty copper and aluminum sheet stretching and spinning forming, such as rice cooker inner pot and aluminum lampshade.
Battery shell stamping oil C84 series 84 *C84A-1 is specially developed for punching aluminum cell phone batteries and aluminum casings of lighters. It is suitable for high-speed continuous die punching. The surface of the workpiece is bright and scratch-free, and it is easy to clean. Among them, C84A-2 is suitable for high-demand mobile phone battery aluminum shell stretching.
Automobile power battery shell molding oil DL 150-250 *Specially developed for the stretched aluminum shell of a large-capacity new energy vehicle power battery. The shell is bright, has a high pass rate and is easy to clean. DL-1 is the stretching of conventional car power shell: DL-2 is suitable for high-speed and heavy-load stretching; DL-3 is suitable for super-size battery stretching for buses.
Steel battery shell drawing oil DL12\DL13 70-100 *Specially developed for the stretching of power battery steel battery shell, excellent lubricity, effectively control the friction coefficient during punching and pulling, reduce viscosity and wear, and ensure surface accuracy and brightness.
Stainless Steel Stainless steel forming oil C60 450 *Designed for general stamping and drawing processes of stainless steel materials, easy to clean, such as tableware.
Stainless steel forming oil C61-T 160 *Suitable for cutting thick stainless steel plates, stretching with high deformation, and stamping with high precision, such as watch casings.
Stainless steel drawing oil C62 110 *Suitable for stamping, drawing, high-precision stamping and large deformation forming of stainless steel thick plates.
Stainless steel forming oil C63 37 *High cost performance, suitable for the lubrication of civil hardware such as microwave ovens, and also for the lubrication of stainless steel, cold-rolled plates, carbon steel plates/rods/tubes for medium and heavy-duty stretching, drawing, wire drawing, and stamping.
Stainless steel forming oil C63D 480 *Super high cost performance, suitable for lubrication of stainless steel wash basins and other kitchen and bathroom supplies during stamping and forming, and can be used as oil.
Stainless steel drawing oil essence C66 Sticky *Suitable for ultra-concentrated oils, into a viscous form, commonly known as "maltose", which can be diluted with ordinary mineral oil, suitable for the stamping and stretching of stainless steel plates with over-heavy loads.
Carbon steel anti-rust type Multi-effect stamping oil C70 35 *Suitable for three-dimensional stretch forming of steel plates, cold rolled sheets, and galvanized sheets that have special requirements for rust prevention. It has been successfully applied to continuous module rapid stamping and single-die deep drawing forming of horn bases, car chassis, car door hinges and other products , After processing, the anti-rust period is more than 1 month, which eliminates the anti-rust process and is easy to clean.
Multi-effect stamping oil C71 150 *Excellent anti-rust performance, can avoid anti-rust treatment. Good degreasing performance, easy to clean, is conducive to the next process.
Automotive sheet forming oil C73 75 *Used for medium and heavy-duty processing and forming of auto parts, car bodies, etc., effectively preventing surface scratches and wrinkles on the workpiece, and improving the quality of the workpiece.
Thick plate stamping oil C73A 180 *Suitable for stamping and forming of automobile thick plates above 3mm, which can greatly extend the service life of the mold.
Heavy-duty anti-rust drawing forming oil C74 75 *Moderate viscosity, easy coating, automatic oil supply, high extreme pressure, strong versatility, applicable to plastic forming processing procedures of various metal plates, strips, bars, pipes and wires.
Anti-rust type heavy-duty molding oil C75 50 *Medium viscosity, suitable for medium and heavy-duty precision stamping of cold-rolled sheets and galvanized sheets of automobile panels. It does not contain chlorinated paraffin extreme pressure agents and has excellent rust resistance.
Thick plate punching and shearing oil C76 207 *Good anti-rust and extreme pressure, strong versatility, especially for automobile thick plate stamping processing.
Super heavy duty molding oil essence C77 170 *Designed for precision stamping, suitable for heavy-duty punching, high-deformation drawing, and high-precision stamping forming of stainless steel and carbon steel thick plates.
Precision forming oil C78 140 *Heavy-duty plastic processing, good lubrication extreme pressure, easy cleaning, and certain anti-rust function.
Steel battery shell drawing oil C85 100 *Suitable for high, medium and low speed stamping of ordinary steel shells and low-grade stamping and drawing of thin steel shells. It can also be used for medium and low speed stamping and drawing of stainless steel and nickel-plated steel strips. Excellent extreme pressure performance, effectively extending the service life of the mold. Prevent the product from rusting after molding.

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